Want to use the year wisely, so you can finally get AND stay pregnant?

What you do DAILY matters.

Let’s get you back on the path to success in 30 DAYS.

There’s still time for you to write your fertility success story THIS YEAR.

It starts with being strategic about what you THINK DAILY.

When trying to conceive, the first thing we think about is taking care of our bodies.

If you are anything like I was, you will take supplements, do yoga, eat kale, and eliminate sugar, dairy, and gluten DAILY.

You will take your medications on time, listen to what the “experts” say, and track every little detail about your cycle DAILY.

Those things are awesome–but…

…What are you doing DAILY to stay calm, confident, and at peace in the face of:

  • Another negative pregnancy test
  • ​Worrying about your age (or having another birthday without your baby)
  • ​Miscarriage (maybe not the first)
  • ​A scary test result (FSH/AMH)
  • ​Someone throwing a litany of statistics in your face
  • ​The strain in your marriage/partnership
  • ​The fear that your dream of being a mom will never come true?

Chances are, you’ve read some books, maybe done some meditation here and there, listened to a few podcasts, or done a program or two, but you aren’t consistent DAILY…

… and you aren’t getting the results you desire.

Here’s what you have to know: 

When it comes to success on this journey, your mindset is EVERYTHING.


Because what you think and believe directly influences your ACTIONS, and therefore IMPACTS YOUR RESULTS.

This is logical, linear, and most importantly, TRUE.

Your MINDSET is either driving you toward success, OR it’s creating the excuses that will cause you to give up and live with REGRET FOREVER.

Sounds harsh, but having lived this journey myself, I know there is no in between.

YES, the physical things are important BUT, they aren’t what’s going to keep you moving forward, when challenged by another heartbreaking setback.

How you THINK on a DAILY basis IS.

This is why taking control of your thinking DAILY is critical to becoming a fertility success.

I know this for a FACT, because not only did it help me have my son Asher, naturally at 43.5, it has helped my ladies finally get AND stay pregnant, some in the face of less than 1% odds!

I know that taking control of your mindset DAILY can sound like a lot of work–but when you have DAILY tools, structure, and mentorship, it’s simpler AND happens faster than you think!

This was my inspiration for creating Fearlessly Fertile DAILY.
As the fertility mindset mentor that physicians, nurses, lawyers, teachers, engineers, therapists, artists, and other professionals turn to when they want to SUCCEED, I wanted to create an exciting new way for my ladies to get what they need DAILY.

I wanted to take the “guesswork” out of what it looks like to be strengthening your mindset DAILY to support your fertility success.

This isn’t about doing another mediation, reading another book, or passively listening to a podcast.

Fearlessly Fertile DAILY is about making the DAILY commitment to yourself to think, believe, and take action like a woman who succeeds on this journey…

With ME showing you DAILY, how to do it!

Did you read the part earlier about learning to take control of your mindset DAILY being simpler AND happening faster than you might think?

I’m talking about 15 minutes a day for 30 days.

That is exactly what we are going to do in Fearlessly Fertile DAILY.

The program is insanely effective, because what we do DAILY, becomes a HABIT.

You will have the CONSISTENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and COMMUNITY to think, believe, and take action like a woman who succeeds on this journey!

What you do NOW can help you create your fertility success story this year and beyond.

I know you want this year to be different, so this is the perfect opportunity to get back on track, Mama–with me by your side, DAILY.

Here’s how Fearlessly Fertile Daily ON DEMAND works:

  • Fearlessly Fertile DAILY ON DEMAND is a self-study, self-paced 30 day program.
  • You get 30, 15 minute DAILY on demand, audio lessons.
  • ​​We will cover topics like: confident decision making, building faith, igniting intuition, ending jealousy, effective communication with your partner, having more joy, building trust in your body, letting go/surrender, getting what you desire, and FINALLY silencing the fear that “it” will never happen! IT WILL BE SO GOOD!
  • Each DAILY lesson also contains a specific ACTION for you to take to begin applying what you learn.
  • You will have a gorgeous downloadable e-journal to capture each day’s lessons, takeaways, and A-ha moments.
  • ​You will have lifetime access to these lessons!
  • ​You will have access to recordings from two past coaching calls to help you integrate, on board, and begin applying what you are learning to your real life.
  • ​You will have the daily structure, consistency,and lessons, in order to start making massive leaps in the way you think, believe, and take action on your journey!

If you are serious about giving yourself the best possible chances to write your fertility success story this year and beyond, don’t miss this!

This program is specifically designed to help you RESET your fertility mindset in a way that naturally integrates into your DAILY life–with the support structures of CONSISTENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and COMMUNITY.

You can get all of this Fearlessly Fertile DAILY goodness for just:

Invest in Full:

 $997 USD

(A savings of $2,003!)


$597 USD upon enrollment,

then $597 USD 30 days later

($2306 savings!)

Purchase between February 8th and February 13th and I will BONUS you my Two Week Wait program ($3,000 Value)



 When does Fearlessly Fertile DAILY ON DEMAND start and end?

It starts whenever you decide to start! This is a fully self-study/self paced, on demand program. You will have the flexibility to start when you wish, pause when you need to, and get started back up again.

 Can this program be as effective as the LIVE version?

YES. You simply have to make the decision to be consistent, by making time in your calendar to do this work consistently. Women in this program have proven to be successful, even when taking a short break here and there. It is intended to be effective, as long as YOU make a real effort to be consistent. Select a time in your calendar to do your DAILY lessons and keep this promise to yourself!

 What’s in a lesson?

Each DAILY lesson is delivered in 15 minutes or less and will cover specific foundational principles, new ideas, specific practices, tools, and structures for building a strong, FEARLESS fertility mindset. Each DAILY lesson is different and is uniquely tailored. Rosanne teaches and coaches intuitively. You will have a constellation of mindset lessons that will blow your mind.

 How do I access my lessons?

Via the Fearlessly Fertile Daily ON DEMAND program site, which you will be provided access to upon completing your enrollment.

 Is each lesson LIVE?


 Who will be teaching the DAILY lessons?

Rosanne Austin, the creator of the Fearlessly Fertile Method, 2-time bestselling author, creator of the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, and Fertility Fairygodmother to women around the world.

 How Long Do I Have Access To The Lesson and Q&A Recordings?

You have lifetime access to the recordings. Access to previous coaching calls is audio only.

 How can I best prepare for this program?

Simply make a decision to be consistent. Having this baby is important to you and we all know mindset is a critical piece of the fertility puzzle. Make yourself a promise that you will do your best to do your lessons daily. If something comes up, no biggie. Just start back up the next day. The most important thing is that you keep you word to YOU and take responsibility.

 Do I get any private coaching time with Rosanne?

No. This is a 100% self study/self-paced education and coaching program. If you are interested in private coaching, you will have to apply for that separately.

 Can I email Rosanne with my questions?

You can always email the team with your questions about your program, but there is no coaching offered via email, as this is a self-study program. If you want live coaching with Rosanne through her other programs, you can always apply for admittance at a later date. Give this program a chance to work for you!

 Are there refunds for the program if something comes up or if I get pregnant?

No. There are no refunds or excuses. This program is for women who are 100% committed to following through. If you happen to get pregnant during this program, mazel tov! This program is the perfect companion to help you during the early weeks of pregnancy. Any one who has experienced loss will tell you how critical it is to have a strong mindset. Your positive pregnancy test is just the beginning!

 What is the price of the program?

The sticker price for this program LIVE was $3,500 USD. This self-study version is being offered at $1194 USD. An incentive price of $997 USD is offered to those who choose to pay in full. Any early enrollment promotional prices offered outside of those stated prices, must be claimed during the early enrollment period, which is strictly enforced, NO EXCEPTIONS.

 What about bonuses? When do I get them?

If you were offered a bonus or bonuses during the early enrollment period, you will have access to those bonuses once your course is paid in full–no exceptions. That means if you paid in full, you will have access to those bonuses right away. If you were to receive a bonus by mail, they will be mailed after your enrollment. Anything mailed will be sent by standard post and there are no guarantees about timing in which the item(s) will be received. It is your responsibility to provide a correct and clear mailing address at the time of enrollment. We will not resend items returned for an insufficient or incorrect address.

 Can you promise me a baby?

No human being can promise you a baby. If they do, run! They are lying to you. The best that any ethical human being with the best of intentions can do is help you cover your bases, so you can give yourself the best possible chances. GUS (God/Universe/Source) is in charge of the timing in which your baby makes it earthside!

 What if I have more questions?

Email the team at: info@frommaybetobaby.com

Before you go, there’s something I want you to know:

 Asking for help was one of the wisest things I ever did on my fertility journey.

AND, making the commitment to thinking like a woman who succeeds on this journey DAILY, made all the difference in the world.

This hasn’t just been true for me, it has been true for the women I serve all over the world.

Let me share some of that goodness with you DAILY, so you too can get AND stay on the path to your miracle.

Lots of love,

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