Want to meet Rosanne Austin, Creator of the Fearlessly Fertile Method, LIVE?

3-Time Best Selling Author, Fertility Mindset Master, and Mentor to THOUSANDS of Miracle Mamas around the world, ROSANNE AUSTIN will be coming to a city near you!

This is your chance to meet Rosanne Austin LIVE:

  • Learn some of what she’s taught women across the globe about how to finally achieve success on their fertility journey;

  • Partake in powerful coaching hot seats;

  • Get on the path to clearing the blocks between YOU and your baby.

Women invest thousands to be part of Rosanne’s remarkable programs. This tour is her GIFT to the Fearlessly Fertile Community. 

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What is the Fearless Intensive?

It’s a private, 1:1, 90 minute coaching session with the creator of the Fearlessly Fertile Method, 3x best selling author, and fertility coach physicians turn to when they are struggling with fertility: Rosanne Austin, JD, PCC.

What’s included in this Intensive?

One 90-minute, private coaching session with Rosanne Austin, which will be conducted via Zoom. In addition to this intensive session, you will receive 14 days of unlimited access to Rosanne via voxer for questions and help integrating what you learned. You will also receive a recording of the session, so that you can refer back to it.

When do the 14 days of Voxer access start?

They start immediately after your 90 minute session is complete. This means you will have the ability to ask Rosanne questions starting immediately after the session, for a total of 14 consecutive days after the session is complete.

Is my intensive with Rosanne confidential?

Yes. We don’t share or disclose the contents of your conversation with anyone and we expect you will honor the same confidentiality.

Do you offer refunds?

Nope. You are either 100% sure you want to have this intensive with Rosanne or you are not–in which case save your money and Rosanne’s time. Rosanne only works with women that are 100% all in, super excited to work with her, and take 100% responsibility for their decisions and actions. Not sure about that? Check out her client interviews on her podcast or YouTube channel.

What if I can’t use the session in 180 days?

First of all, we encourage you to take a stand for your HELL YES, by scheduling your session as soon as you can. A member of the Fearlessly Fertile team will be reaching out within 72 business hours to get you scheduled. Our goal is to work with you to find a time that’s a great fit for both you and Rosanne. Time in her schedule is tight, due to the demand for her work. If you for some odd reason you can’t find a time in the next 6 months, we strongly encourage you to take a deep breath and reassess your priorities. We find time to do meaningless crap in our lives all the time, you CAN find time to have your session. No extensions of time are given without express written consent from Rosanne’s team.

What if I need to cancel and reschedule?

If you need to cancel your 90 minute intensive, you must do so with no less than 24 hours notice. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be forfeited, unless express written consent is given by a member of the Fearlessly Fertile team. We value your time and we expect you to value ours. Actual emergencies, which are supported by written documentation will be considered, but are no guarantee of acceptance. If the Intensive session is canceled, it must be rescheduled for commencement within 30 days of said cancellation or it is forfeited.

What if I love being coached by Rosanne, can I get more?

That is something you can absolutely do and you can talk to Rosanne about after your Intensive is completed.

Got additional questions? Email the team at info@frommaybetobaby.com.

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